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Welcome & Introduction
AEMT Update

By Shaun Sutton - Director  & Co-owner - Central Group & Thomas Marks - General Manager - AEMT


Shaun Sutton (AEMT President 2021-2023) welcomes guests and opens the conference by giving his vision on what the AEMT represents. Shaun is impassioned about the good position the repair and maintenance industry finds itself. In 2022 we’ve seen energy and material costs inflate out of control, while being mindful of climate change and global supply issues. Our industry can play its part in helping stabilise tomorrow’s world.


Following the president’s address, Thomas Marks, General Manager of the AEMT will look at what the association is doing to help promote good engineering practices in the maintenance and repair industry, and how member’s can do more to get involved.


Shaun Sutton is a director and co-owner of Central Group in Merseyside. He has been on the AEMT council since 2017, and became president in 2021. Central Group has gone from strength to strength and He is a firm believer in strong leadership and the power of networks.

Thomas Marks became General Manager of the AEMT in 2021. He has worked with the AEMT and the council since 2013, and has been pivotal in transforming the AEMT from the perceived old boys network, to the new AEMT which puts member’s first.

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