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Demystifying PR: How to Get Your Business Noticed

By Chris Callander  - Editor - Renew Magazine


This round table discussion will look at how you can use your business's knowledge, experience and activities to create editorial content that will support your promotional activities.

In this session, we will explore how to create copy that will appeal to its reader, the types of articles you can use and how best to present them. We will also look at some key dos and don'ts that will help you increase your visibility to your target audience.

While the focus will be on creating editorial suitable for publication in the AEMT's Renew magazine, the aspects discussed will help you create content for other platforms such as company blogs, social media posts and e-Newsletters.

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Chris is the Editor of the AEMT's Renew magazine, which is sent quarterly to over 10,000 users of electromechanical equipment. Chris's career includes several years as the publisher of a portfolio of titles aimed at OEM design engineers and electrical engineers, and senior marketing roles outside of publishing. More recently, Chris has worked as the launch editor of a title showcasing a wide range of manufacturing and engineering innovations and worked on the launch of Flow magazine for the British Pump Manufacturers' Association and then Renew for the AEMT.

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