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Control Techniques

Established in 1973, Control Techniques is obsessed with developing, building and installing cutting edge drives, motors and control systems. Designed and built by our equally drive obsessed engineers, we ensure we create drives for every purpose. To be driven by you and supported by experts. With our world class - leading products we believe that drives are the catalyst for revolution. By continually improving our processes, holding fast to our beliefs of being bold and courageous and with our can - do attitude, we strive to be the first name for drives.

Control Techniques, a UK founded company, has grown from a small business that laid its roots in a small, rural Welsh town, to the global enterprise it is today. With almost 50 years of industry experience, our General Purpose, High Performance and Servo drives have made us a big name in the drive industry. Our General Purpose drives are ideal for open-loop applications that require simple, reliable motor control including pumping, ventilating and conveying. The High-Performance drive range provides motor control for open loop, RFC-A, and RFC’S applications. They can be used in applications including hoists, elevators, winding, test stands, and packaging. And last but not least, our Servo drives for continuous and pulse duty applications – bringing superior performance to high dynamic, pulse duty applications where high peak torque for fast acceleration is essential, in applications such as web handling, cutting, textiles and printing.

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