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Opportunities for the Service/Repair Sector

2018 Conference Overview

The servicing and repair of rotating electrical equipment is becoming increasingly important with the arrival of the EU Circular Economy Package.

The AEMT conference focused on how the repair/service industry can take advantage of the economic model to include digitisation  and emerging technology so that service centres can drive growth and improve their service delivery package.


The conference incorporates a program of speakers and activities viewable below to attract both service and repair centres as well as manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

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2018 Conference and Awards Highlights 

Circular Economy Overview

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation 

Keynote Talks and Workshops

Copper in Electric Motors and Generators

10:10 The ICA | Paul Dewison

Based on work commissioned by the International Copper Association, MetalsPlus will address delegates on the role of copper in motors covering, in particular, trends relating to energy efficiency, carbon footprint and the Circular Economy.

Preventative maintenance and the impact of digitisation on electromechanical drivetrains

13:45 ABB | Steve Hughes

The rapid rise of digital, cloud based systems have allowed industry to embrace new opportunities to improve operational performance of industrial plant. ABB digs deeper into this technology and considers techniques that can add value to both end users and engineering service providers.

How to make the right marketing decisions for your business

12:00 FMS | Clive Reddihough FCIM

With so many marketing options available it can be difficult to know what will contribute most to the success of your business. Find out how applying 3 simple steps can bring clarity, focus and purpose that will help you get more value from your marketing.

The New International Repair Standard for Electric Motors 

10:55 The AEMT | Dr. Martin Killeen

With the imminent release of IEC 60034-23: The repair, overhaul and reclamation of rotating electrical machines, Dr. Martin Killeen will take delegates through the key points and benefits of working to the new standard. 

HEADLINE TALK: The Future of the Service/Repair Industry

14: 30 Si2 Partners | Titos Anastassacos

Si2 Partners are proven consultants who assist companies in optimising their business practices to help them drive growth. The headline keynote talk will look at how the industry will change, based on historic, present and future trends. How the world is transitioning through a second wave of electrification, and the disruption is could cause to the service and distribution market. How the service/repair industry can prepare for the new era. 

Why get finance and how to access it

13:30 BizBritain | Gary Lennon

Gary will lead a seminar on the ins and outs of accessing finance, depending on what the business will be using the funds for, and how much will be required. 

View a more detailed overview.

The Digital Twin

12:00 Siemens | Dr. Christian Mundo

The virtual and the real world are converging in the Digital Twin. The Digital Twin accompanies the product through its whole lifecycle from product design to operation, giving innovative advantages and chances for new businesses for the manufacturer, the OEM and the operator. SIEMENS reveals the benefits and advantages, especially when it comes to the operation and service/maintenance lifecycle phase.

FORUM: Top 10 Challenges for Ambitious Leaders

10:25 Manufacturers Alliance | Gary Sheader

This forum will address the top challenges business leaders face.  Gary will present the challenges which include, become more strategic, having a more engaged workforce, developing your business culture, accelerating growth, improving time management, and reducing operating costs. A roundtable will follow to explore how others are overcoming these challenges. 

Top tips for successful lead generation

14:30 FMS | Clive Reddihough FCIM

Get top tips for lead generation that will help you develop a healthy sales pipeline and enjoy the peace of mind, feeling of security, and the promise of a success that comes with it.


Speakers and Bios


2018 Display Partners

Many thanks to our display partners who are helping us to produce the event this year.

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