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2022 AEMT Conference Programme

17th November 2022  |  The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Coventry

09:30 AM - Welcome & Introduction/AEMT Update

(Shaun Sutton, President, AEMT & Thomas Marks, General Manager, AEMT)


10:00 AM - Make Better Service Decisions Using Data Insights From Connected Motors

(Magnus Dahlqvist, Global Service Product Manager, ABB)


10:20 AM - Innovation to Improve the Traditional Repair Offering

(Dr. Yogi Pardhi, Global Lead - Additive Manufacturing, Sulzer)


10:40 AM - Advancing Electric Motor Design Through Additive Manufacturing

(Ollie Hartfield | Advanced Research Engineer - Design and Build Production Solutions, MTC)


11:00 AM - Session Q&A/Discussion followed by tea/coffee break


11:40 AM - Tapping Into the Right Support: Things Are Different for SME’s

(Leah Rider, SME Lead, HVMC (NCC Connect))


12:00 PM - Tomorrow’s Engineers - The Impact of Direct Engagement

(Nathalie Cachet-Gaujard, Head of Partnerships, Primary Engineer & Andy Patten, Business Development Director, ADC Electrical)


12:20 PM - Session Q&A/Discussion followed by lunch


13:40 PM - SME’s & the Cost of Living: What Can Be Done for Staff?

(Prav Hayre - Digital Sales Support and Partnerships Team Manager, Croner)


14:00 PM - Engineering Recruitment From the Military

(Bryan Alexander, Employment Relationship Manager, Career Transition Partnership)


14:20 PM - Session Q&A/Discussion


Breakout Sessions

14:40 PM - Session A: Demystifying PR: How to Get Your Business Noticed

(Chris Callander, Editor, Renew Magazine)


14:40 PM - Session B: Helping Your Social Media Content Stand Out From the Crowd

(Ben Curran, Social Media Manager, AEMT)


15:20 - Close

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