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Innovation to Improve the Traditional Repair Offering

By Dr. Yogi Pardhi  - Global Lead - Additive Manufacturing  - Sulzer


Recent advances in additive manufacturing and 3D scanning technologies have enabled repairs that otherwise have not been possible using conventional methods. This talk describes innovative approach to repair of mission critical pump components. The approach uses 3D scanning to evaluate geometry of damaged component and subsequently using this data to define repair methodology using additive manufacturing techniques. Finished component has a compliant geometry and required material properties along with the environmental and sustainability benefits associated with remanufacturing process.  The approach described here is transferable to many other industrial equipment and machineries.

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Yogiraj Pardhi is Global lead for Additive Manufacturing at Sulzer Services. He is expert in additive manufacturing and materials and is leading implementation of global strategy for additive manufacturing within Sulzer. He has successfully led qualification and industrialisation of AM for manufacture and repair of industrial gas turbines and pumps parts. Previously he was AM Lead for materials at Rolls-Royce Plc where he led successful implementation of AM for aeroengine hot section part manufacture. He has background in high performance materials and advance manufacturing technologies. He is fellow of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. His industry experience spans 12 years in the aerospace and turbomachinery equipment manufacturing and repair.

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